Meet Fauna Yoga's amazing team!


Petra’s yoga journey began in 2012 and has spanned several continents and practices. Bubbly, energetic, and active, she brings her individual personality into all of her classes. Petra focuses on breathing, alignment, strength and a graceful flow. For the intermediate and advanced yogi’s, or even for the beginner, be sure to catch one of her classes- Petra will make you feel right at home.


Freya likes to run, scratch that, Freya loves to run! A regular competitor in marathons and ultra-marathons, Freya began her yoga journey as a means of limbering up stiff and sore limbs, injury prevention, and of course, a practice to unwind from her busy life. The release she experienced set her on a more authentic path that involves volunteering at several institutions locally and oversea. Freya loves when her clients challenge themselves, but do not be afraid, you will leave feeling accomplished and revitalised.


Erika’s passion for yoga began several years ago and has changed her life. Specialising in yin, hatha and slow flow, Erika has completed yoga training in several areas focusing on mood management, anxiety and depression alleviation and recuperation. You will feel safe and comfortable with Erika and walk out of each class with a profound sense of accomplishment.


Another passionate dancer, Holly started teaching dancing as a teenager. After completing her yoga training in Byron Bay, and attaining several more certifications, Holly brings a touch of movement, somatic and mindfulness to each class. With a background in social work, Holly recognizes and understands the individual needs of her students and will help everybody improve along their own yogic journey.


Michele’s mother introduced her to yoga as a teenager in Sydney, under the well-respected Iyengar teacher, Martin Jackson. Yoga has been part of her life ever since and Michele brings the yogic principles to whatever activities she may be involved in. As well as several styles of dance, she has competed at state, national and international levels for gymnastics, swimming and karate respectively.


Nour’s journey in yoga commenced after attending a few hip hop yoga classes. Ditching the music, but not the mat, Nour was soon hooked and utilised the practice to create more balance in her own life. Nour believes both body and mind are strengthened by yoga and her classes are characterised by a strong, flowing sequence and the flexibility to adjust and modify exercises to suit the individual. Her classes are accessible for all levels.


Chris’s yoga journey started several years ago after suffering a serious knee injury sustained from Mixed Martial Arts. Soon thereafter he realised all the benefits which come from a consistent yoga practice both physical and spiritual. He strives to assist people experience the same benefits with movement and breath. Chris loves practicing Vinyasa & Power style yoga. Chris believes a class should be structured to suit all levels.


In a former life, Katie had a storied career in the financial sector in London, yet, she always found time to volunteer at various charitable organisations including several animal shelters and rescue clinics. After completing over 1000 hours across several yoga practices, Katie is a great teacher for those new to yoga, or those looking for some relaxation. Be sure to attend one of her yin or essentials classes.


At the age of 19, Amanda attended her first yoga class, and it became a regular part of her life since. Now, a little older, wiser and stronger, Amanda's yoga helped guide her through her pregnancy and beyond. It cented her when she most needed it. As a practice of self-awareness and conscience action towards others, yoga was always a natural extension of her career as a maternity Social Worker. Allowing her to give back to those who need it most, Amanda is dedicated to offering a nurturing, safe, and informative prenatal practice to mothers and their babies to be.


It was Mie's love of contemporary dance and movement that introduced her to the world of yoga. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, the discipline of yoga, meditation and Pranayama played a huge part in the healing process. The practices had incredible benefits for Mie, both physically and emotionally. She hopes to bestow her wisdom, experiences and strengths onto others. Mie's classes have a strong focus on body awareness and synchronization of breath and movement. Mie loves to teach Hatha, Vinyasa and will also be taking our post-natal classes.